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History of the House

The house was erected 1833 and used as a courthouse for Faurås until 1907. At the Second World War Gustav William Svensson started a garment factory for fashion clothing in the Building.

From the beginning there were 24 tiled stoves in the house, some of them on the Wooden. It also boasts a cast iron stove that is said to come from the home of Selma Lagerlöf in Mårbacka.

The founder of Gekås, Göran Karlsson, bought the house in the 80 century and lived there with the family for many years and let both restore and rebuild the Property.

Some furnishings are related to the courthouse period, which the railing that divided the District hall between judges, jurors and convicted in what is today the living room. The pillars of the Hall are the remains of the original railing.

Even furniture in the house testifies to the courthouse activities, such as the old chest of the hall that should have stood inside the Detention.
Grates for the windows remain in the current wine cellar, where criminals should have stayed until they were taken to the courtroom.

Your hosts

Lori & Stefan

They first met in a small town in Millville Pennsylvania, USA. Stefan was an exchange student and Lori was a local peasant girl.
2014, after many years in the restaurant business, Lori moved to Sweden and they married. Lori had a long dream, to open a Bed & Breakfast, so they bought the house and here they are today.


All rooms include…

Breakfast Buffet

Private toilet


Free WiFi







and full access to the

Hot tub

An extra fee will be added. Contact us.


An extra fee will be added. Contact us.


Big screen TV






Washing machine


Relax, Enjoy your stay with us

Relaxation, sauna, hot tub, etc.