Privacy policy

of this policy is to ensure that we handle personal data in accordance with the European Data Protection Regulation (GDPR). The policy covers all treatments where personal data are handled and encompasses both structured and unstructured data.
This policy is anchored with all our coworkers.

Stefan and Lori Holmgren is responsible for the processing of personal data following this policy.
Policy is to be determined by Stefan and Lori Holmgren at least once per year and updated as needed.
Stefan Holmgren is responsible for keeping in the process of annual update of the policy as a result of renewed and changed regulations.
This policy is applicable to all those affected by our business.

Stefan Holmgren has overall responsibility for the content of this policy, and it is implemented and enforced by the business. The CEO may delegate responsibility and implementation to the appropriate person at the company.
All employees are responsible for acting in accordance with this policy and what it wants to ensure.

4 Terms and abbreviations
The personal information
The personal information is any information which directly or indirectly is attributable to a natural person who is alive.
Whoever personal data refers, namely the natural person who directly or indirectly identified by personal information records.
Personal data processing
Personal data processing operation or set of operations upon personal data – whether or not by automatic – such as collection, recording, organization, and structuring.

5 Personal data processing
• Any processing of personal data must comply with the following principles:

o Legality
o Limited to the purpose
o Minimizing amount of information
o Correctness
o Minimizing of storage
o Privacy and confidality

• Our policy is to never share personal information with anybody.
• We retain information about the address, social security number, telephone number, etc. until the matter is finished with us, ie we have received payment. After that, the information will be deleted no later than three days after the payment has been completed.
• Information with name remains for seven years, ie as long as we need information for our bookkeeping. Thereafter in formation is deleted.


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